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JTT has kept me motivated and given me a healthy, encouraging, and inspiring support network of friends and tutors. The JTT team is so incredibly supportive and helped make a stressful year more fun and doable than I ever anticipated going in.

Anthony Hua, 2018

The tutoring I received from JTT was professional, organized and extremely helpful. Each tutor was incredibly engaging and was well respected by all of us. JTT breaks down the entire course and teaches us at an A+ level. The knowledge of each tutor was outstanding. The tutors’ in-depth explanations were a key benefit to our learning. Every one of our questions would be clarified and content would be repeated to us until we understood. JTT gave us a huge advantage.

Kelsie Grantham, 2018

JTT saved me a lot this year. Friendly and approachable tutors enlightened me into the content heavy course very quickly. I cannot imagine myself living without JTT!!

Daniel Lee, 2018

Coming into the year, I thought I would do nothing but study all day. JTT has certainly opened my eyes to see how fun and efficient studying can be, without having to spend long hours doing so. Justin and the team have been incredibly helpful this past year, and incredibly grateful to have met soo many new people this year!

Aldric Khoo, 2018

JTT has been an incredible resource as a first year health science student to navigate through the difficult deadlines and expectations that come with university. The well prepared, competent tutors helped ease any worries and provided in depth knowledge about the course content, putting me in good stead with lecture content. I would recommend the accelerate courses for students serious about wanting to be ahead and well prepared for the challenging assessments.

Huma Shehzad, 2018
Nela Zisser

JTT really helped me this year in so many ways. Justin and all of his tutors are amazing and gave me great advice whenever I was struggling. Im really glad I used his services… I would highly recommend JTT to anyone going into first year…

Nela Zisser, 2017

Great service. Learnt many things throughout the year. Felt it gave me confidence in my ability to tackle any obstacle. 100% recommend the service for first years as it is something you will remember for a long time.

Matthew Mansoor, 2017

I think I definitely owe Justin a huge thank you for this year! He has offered me nothing but help and guidance from the very first workshop he held before first year started up until the mock MMI! Never once did I feel I wasn’t benefitting from anything and unlike a lot of other tutoring companies he has chosen to provide really, really affordable and reasonable prices but with amazing quality of service!

I loved that he was always so honest and straightforward and really cut down on content and got straight to the point rather than teaching us things that weren’t as important. His passion to help us anxious first years was incredibly inspiring and there is no denying he is a man who knows what he’s doing! I know that I’ll always be recommending his services to anyone I know looking to get into the clinical programs!

Noor Aljawahiri, 2016

I cannot be more grateful for the help that Justin The Tutor has provided. The service overall is well organised, up-to-date, practical and very affordable. I particularly appreciate the online mock exams and test materials that are presented to us, as well as the mock exam workshops, and the entire interview course. I entered Biomed feeling lost. However, the tutors enthusiastically offered me with support and encouragements. Without JTT, I can say that I would not have made it through the year.

Angela Qian, 2018

JTT has provided students with new and very effective resources for MMI and I found it easier to construct my answers and improved the overall answer significantly. Thank you so much!
– Aoi Yoshihara

JTT has been of great help to me this year and has especially eased the challenging environment of pre-med. JTT not only provides affordable prices but it definitely allows you to meet new people and has made my pre-med experience more pleasant than expected.
– Rohit Paul

Overall, JTT has been really really helpful, it’s hard to put it into words, but more so than the academic help was the people that you meet, helps you to get through the intense year. I’ve never really had too much tutoring experience but this was a lot better than what I was expecting when signing up for JTT! (A+++)
– Sunny Ding

JTT has provided me with a great support throughout this whole year. The interview course was great especially the simulation, making me feel very prepared for the actual one.
– Avinash Jeyashankar

JTT has helped so much this year and it has been a lovely experience! Everyone is so down to earth and helpful and the support was great. The course is really helpful.
– Amisha Damania

JTT has been a great help this year. Their services have always been delivered in a concise, clear and easy to understand manner. It was always very easy to gain support and help from them. Thank you for all the help!
– Catherine Emata

Wonderful help! Really reduced my stress about the interview, which is always good when you need to be on your A game for one of the most interviews of uni.
– Margaret Xie

JTT has been so helpful and invaluable in this stressful year for me. The tutors are approachable, knowledgeable and friendly.
– Catherine Murphy

JTT has been an invaluable tool for me in this first year. The interview workshop and simulation provided experiences which make me feel like I’m in the actual MMI. The pre-Medsci prep for test 1 helped me quite a lot, it was a good eye-opener to see how much content I needed to manage for the first half of the semester.
– Krish Sethi

JTT has been a brilliant source of support and help that I needed in first year. As an Ultrasaver, I eventually used all the resources and found that the videos, test workshops and tutoring were brilliant.
– Huma Shehzad

JTT has been an extremely valuable asset to me this year with the weekly classes aiding my learning of course content and workshops for MMI’s and exams were great preparation. Thank you very much!
– Kun-Ka Leger-Yoshihara

Overall, JTT has been an incredible support system. I don’t think tutoring is necessary for most, but it certainly gives you an environment where you feel supported and I think that (illegible writing) helped me enjoy my biomed year immensely. It is (more illegible writing) a fresh breath of air to see. A company turning the table on the educational service industry and genuinely caring about its students rather than simply with the intention of making money out of them. Keep going and good job! ūüôā
– Rosie Luo

Overall, the video tutorials on the website and the amazing tutors were great help throughout the year. The interview experience and workshop was great help in making me confident going into the actual interview. Also the fact that Justin’s help was a text away was also awesome!
– Sargun Sethi

JTT is an amazing service for first year students looking at getting into medicine (especially their MMI simulation)
– Stephanie Chan

JTT was my second home and I can’t imagine myself going through this hardcore study of 1st year Biomed without this amazing programme. ūüôā
– Daniel Lee

As an Ultrasaver member, JTT has been extremely useful in providing solid information and facts during one of the most stressful years. All the tutors were awesome, and always prompt to answer questions – Overall an amazing experience.
– Zakaria Mohommed

JTT has helped me a lot throughout my first year of university and I definitely think that I would tell other people about its services. The tutors were really friendly and really helpful.
– Thusharini Pushpakumar

Very helpful. Great service overall for an affordable price.

– Entesar Entesar

I have really enjoyed all my JTT experiences, always smoothly run.
– Ushil Patel

JTT is well catered towards students of all backgrounds and is affordable while producing tutoring that is of quality.
– Cindy Xu

JTT was extremely helpful and comforting and having a place to reassess your knowledge and a great sense of community in a stressful period like the first year of uni.
Athulya Rathnayake

“Justin is a supremely competent tutor, and his no frills approach makes it really worthwhile. He knows OLY1 like the back of his hand, and will have you feeling confident in no time. ¬†The feedback is highly specific and well targetted. Would definitely recommend!
–¬†Ann Wu

” It‚Äôs been a privilege to have Justin as a tutor through my pre-med academic year. His teaching style is especially effective, largely focusing on conceptual understanding rather than memorisation, which greatly assists in coping with the content overload as present within pre-med. Not only this, Justin goes above and beyond what is expected of a tutor, offering first-class explanations to any questions you may have, at any time of day.

Justin’s interview prep classes were a must attend as he really breaks down the daunting MMI into manageable sections, with a focus of maintaining individuality in your responses. Justin thrives on creating an atmosphere that promotes a hunger for knowledge, heavily focusing on self-improvement, which is not only an aid throughout the pre-med journey, but also forms a solid foundation for the future. I would highly recommend Justin not only as a tutor, but as a mentor.
– Sameer Bhat

I thought the course was very enlightening and straight to the point. It helped a lot in terms of providing tips and strategies which improve my answers and arguments.
– Kathleen Bergonia

“Justin’s workshops have a very interactive method of teaching and learning with fellow students. This is something I have found helpful in attending Justin’s workshops. He is approachable and empathetic, but also has high standards and expectations from his students to succeed.¬†

“The role play and discussion stations were great. The tutors gave us time to talk and gave us good feedback. Absolutely beneficial and surpassed all originial standards. Must have for early and late November prep to give awareness on your abilty to undertake the interview. Opened my eyes that I had a lot of faults and was not ready for interview tomorrow, and this feedback and practise helped alot.¬†
– Liam Davis

” Clear, concise, well-structured. Helped my understanding of important concepts… I would really recommend justin as a mentor… His interview workshop~ was super helpful and very well organised. I learnt so much from just that one session and felt a lot more confident. Justin is super approachable, knowledgable and always willing to help others!
Highly recommend
– Lesley Kung

“Justin’s 2 dollar donation interview workshop was very helpful for me. I didn’t feel too good about having to do interviews. After this workshop, I feel mnuch more confident about tacklind the interviews now and has made the intervews seem far less daunting. I would really encourage any aspiring med, optom and pharmacy students to use JTT for help and guidance with their first year of Biomed or Health Sciences.¬†

“The interview tutorial was really productive, well-structured and helpful.¬†

“I came to Justin’s interview workshops and found it very helpful. The practise of speaking and role playing and answering questions is a big eye opener. Justin’s advice at the end of my answers have been very helpful. He starts off by stating what I need to work on (from flow chart) and elaborates on how I can do this. His tips and ideas are very helpful. I would highly recommend him for Biomed and Health Science students.¬†

” Justin and his tutors really gave me a clear and comprehensive understanding on what is required for the interview. The interview questions were well designed and certainly got me thinking hard.
–¬†Timothy Ho

” I have been to 3 or 4 of justins workshops, which were really helpful especially with the MEDSCI142 tutorial during the second semester. It allowed me to understand concepts which were hard to grasp onto. His humour and charisma is how he gets his students’ attention. He never loses control of his class, which, in my opinion, is very hard to do, and thus why he is one of the best tutors out there. Not only did he do paid 1 on 1 tutorials but he also did free workshops for his students. He sacrificed his time and effort to provide his student with the best resources and materials. I would recomend Justin The Tutor to any first year Health Science or Biomedical science students or even high school students. He is the best!
–¬†Youngmin Goo

“The free interview workshop has been really helpful so far. The tutors are nice and helpful – providing good feedback and strategies. I like that the workshop is very practical and practise-orientated – being put in the position of having to answer questions is really helpful for developing our answers and our ability to answer a variety of questions.

” I appointed Justin Sung as my tutor for my medicine interview at the University of Auckland. I was impressed with his highly personal approach to tutoring interviews and I appreciated the efforts he made to correct the holes and errors in our interview techniques. The most important part of the 2 on 1 sessions was the fact that we got instant feedback to our responses to various questions that he asked us. I would not hesitate to recommend Justin to my friends and I wish him the very best in his future endeavours.

” Justin’s 2-on-1 interview prep sessions are very beneficial; he points out your weaknesses and have specific drills and tips on how to improve them, without letting yourself lose confidence. Justin’s approaches are easy to understand, effective and have high efficiency. Definitely would recommend for interview prep! ”
–¬†Albert Chan

“The interview workshops are well-organised and highly compacted. Justin offers useful feedback and tips which cater to different individuals’ weaknesses and strengths. Justin may seem slightly intimidating at times ahaha but, he is definitely a knowledgable, informative and competent tutor who offers valuable advice and interview techniques¬†ūüôā¬†Highly recommend Justin’s interview workshops ~
–¬†Peiyu Wu

JTT interview prep course is probably something that I will never regret to take. I have gained a massive amount of knowledge that I did not even think I needed beforehand. The simulation in particular made me feel as if I get to take interview twice, and definitely boosted my confidence for what is lying ahead.
– Sunny Yao

JTT was invaluable in achieving well in first year, especially in regards to the many mock tests and exams.
– Sam Reddish

An affordable, efficiently run, and very helpful tutoring service! Would recommend to anyone looking to find themselves a career in healthcare.
Niel Kulkarni

The services provided are the best insight into helping us into medical school. Everything port is very comprehensive and effective.
– Avinash Jeyashankar

” Very high yield for cost, extremely helpful and no alternative motive as this is a NFP organization

“Can not recommend Justin enough to anyone who wants help during their first year of Biomed/Health science. He teaches concepts simply, outlines what is required to succeed and motivates you through a long year.
–¬†Jack Barrett

“JTT was a very effective, fun way to learn ahead and feel more prepared before all the first year content really kicks in! Getting to go through an entire week of content in advance (in 2 hours) is extremely helpful, and Justin additionally focuses on ‘high yield’ topics – giving you a good understanding for where to direct your study most. He also outlines different ways of studying and learning, which I found very useful. Definitely recommend going and checking this non-profit organisation out
– Khemani Chatly

“As an attendee of Justin’s regular teaching events, I have picked up many tips and trickss from multiple tutors and colleagues he invited to the interview practise, and study methods and courses insight at Medsci142 lessons. This provided me with the tools to improve my inderstanding of course requirements and interview standards in first year biomed. Additionally, Justin is very sincere as a tutor and looks out for his students, both paying and nonpaying.
–¬†Ke Wei Chin

” His level of genrosity is a rarity and is greatly appreciated! Wish I was a biommeder needing more of these videos! His videos are well structured and I liked how he covered the basics and gave few tips here and there throughout the video. It definitely helped me with my cramming!!
– Sylvia Song

” Justin has great work ethic, hes efficient and effective and tells you what you need to know in a direct and up front manner. His interview training too is top notch and it really developed my skills so that I felt I could tackle any problem in the interview. He does lots of free tutorials too, definitely worth checking out.
– Surya Singh

” Justin‚Äôs Medsci142 tutorials have been very beneficial in learning how to tackle the paper. I have found that he focuses considerably on understanding the content, approaching it in a way which was logical & teaching it step by step. He does so while often linking in wider knowledge which really sparked my curiosity and made the course material a lot more interesting & easier to take in. I often found myself underestimating the paper, overlooking important points and having a lack of motivation, but also being put back on track by Justin; the only thing left to do was put in the hard yards at home. Although the interview style changed in my year and was a bit different than expected, I feel that the core concepts Justin taught remained true. All in all, his interview prep sessions boosted my confidence and helped me express myself in a more clear & concise manner. In the end, I think that having a tutor such as Justin which can show you the whole picture accurately is very mentally rewarding. You will have a greater idea of what to expect & what to do to overcome hurdles, thus spending less time worrying & more time sleeping!
–¬†Leroy Gov

“It‚Äôs been great working with Justin. This guy really goes the extra mile; top-notch explanations, well-tailored teaching style, and a can do attitude are only a small part of his recipe to success. Going into a tough year, you want someone who is incredibly knowledgeable ‚Äď Justin is not only that, but he furthermore excels in creating an environment that stimulates one‚Äôs thirst for high achievement. In a year where excellent performance really does matter in differentiating you from others, Justin is an asset. Would recommend.
–¬†Catherine Tian

” He really knows what he’s doing
– Anonymous

“I think this course was really helpful. They thoroughly went through this process and made us answer all the possible types of questions that were possible to come up in the actual interview. They are really nice and friendsly and I think that their feedbacks were probably the best. The personalized feedback was much appreciated and therefore very useful.¬†
– Anonymous

“I decided to go to one of Justin’s free interview workshops, but in all honesty, I wasn’t expecting much from it. To my delightful surprise, the workshop exceeded my every expectation by a million miles. It was well-organised, fun, interactive, informative, and insightful. I walked away with a clear idea of what my strengths were, and the things that I needed to work on. Justin is very experienced tutor whose wisdom shines through in his ability to cater to the individual needs of his students in his one-on-one interview sessions.

He has a valuable repertoire of drills and techniques that no other tutors offers. Without Justin’s help, I don’t think my interview would be as much of a breeze as it was. Not only does he deliver information in simple and comprehensive manner, but he also makes a great deal of effort to answer questions in his own private time, showing genuine care about his students. Highly highly recommended. A++¬†
–¬†Victoria Cai

“Great! He gives great advice and is honest with his advice. Keep it up and well done on going NFP, really stand behind helping a charity! ”
– Anonymous

“Jutin the Tutor’s interview workshops were very insightful.I got¬† tons of practise and feedback with different questions which gave me a good foundation in terms of the way to approach the interview.¬†”

“JTT had an interview workshop for 2 dollars and it was so helpful! All the helped genuinely care foryou and want the best for you. I’ve also facebook messaged a few times and he replied – this was immensely helpful. ”

” I wouldn’t have had half the confidence in my interview if I hadn’t decided to take up Justin’s offer of individualised sessions.
What Justin does and does excellently is a no bull method of meaningfully deconstructing the individual skills you need for the interview.
His knack for providing you his specialised drills in a customised and structured schedule will expose what you don’t know and hone what you do.
Justin’s vast experience and more importantly, his respect for my time and money leaves me with no regrets, and is why I 100% recommend him to anyone who feels their interview skills need a huge upgrade.”
–¬†Vinod Kumara

” JTT definitely helped me ease my way through the rough journey of first year biomed! Justin always knows what he’s doing and I found his approach to studies very student friendly. He always made sure to relay study and memorisation tips which was always super helpful, given biomed’s heavy workload. Justin’s really nice and always addresses any of your questions fast! Definitely recommend. ^^
–¬†Kate Sun

JTT videos and tutorials are great at explaining key points and concepts which helped build the fundamental knowledge required would you can go away and build upon yourself.
– Matthew Brownrigg

JTT offers easy to follow and effective approaches for tackling all the difficult aspects of first year and I have really enjoyed using JTT services.
– Isabella Thompson

JTT has been very helpful. The tutors are supportive as well as informative of the expectations of biomed and making me realise the hard work that needs to be done to do well.
– Rokaya Islam

“I’m glad I had Justin as a tutor for interviews. If I could redo biomed I would have chosen him as my tutor from the start of the year for sure. I barely made it into med (I’m the lowest GPA I know of that got in) and I’m doubtful I could’ve done it without Justin’s help. He was a tough love kind of tutor for me but caters very well to the individual and yes I thought he was sometimes brutal, and I despised him for it but in the end his advice was always what I should’ve done and I wish I listened to him even more. I’m thankful for Justin’s maturity and experience with students, I’ve changed a lot and am still changing for the better. He has a roll on effect that’s preparing me for the future, which is well worth what I paid.
–¬†Clare Wu

” I remember my anxiety as I commenced biomedical sciences last year, and then I remember Justin‚Äôs cool composure, giving great advice, and with a firm hand making sure I always kept up; making the work load much more manageable and the content seem like it was written in english.
– Hannah Kim

“I am really glad that I made the las tminute decision to turn up to the MMI workshop. It¬† has motivated me to start preparing for my interviewin a different way and perspective. If you have a chance to attend these, you definitely should go. Thank you Justin and everyone who made this possible.¬†

“The workshop has definitely been very helpful. It brought me to see¬† many more aspects of the interview e.g. how to answer the questions, what the questions are working for‚ĶAll the tutors were very approchable and friendly.
–¬†Kylie Pan

” Highly recommend Justin’s tutoring services and workshops! I’ve always learnt something from the ones I’ve attended. With his videos, very beneficial as he explains concepts thoroughly and with his MMI workshops, he give individual feedback and is always honest which I’m sure most people appreciate :))
–¬†Celine Fung

” Great workshop, well structured, good feedbacks and improvements were given!

“The interview workshop was really helpful and offered loads of time to practise. It’s awesome that it’s a NFP as well. Would really recommend this.¬†
–¬†Nandini Dubey

” Considering the cost of 2 dollars, I attended with very low expectations, However, I was blown away right off the bat. No fluff, straight to the point, very content-dense. The efficient and understanding mannger with which the tutors deliverd the content topped it all off. Definitely recommend checking JTT out.

“I liked how he went over all the pointes and attributes during the interview workshopo and how he managed time for everyone to get a chance to get feedback and practise.¬†

” I found that the practise I gained from Justin’s workshops gave me the confidence and skills required to form foundations for a successful interview

“Interview workshops were great and I really enjoyed the variety you get in the practises. I liked how it was more practise based than theory based. Practises involving more seniors was definitely more helpful as they would give us more feedback and ideas that are relevant to what we should think about in the interviews. Justin’s tutoring videos are definitely a good guide to how to appraoch the topics of subjects grasping some at the difficult concepts were made much easier with some of his videos.¬†
–¬†Katherine Sung

” It has been a great pracitse and that has helped me in my first year of Uni. The videos are produved well to be easily understood.

” Justin has helped me here and there throughout the year and was extremely helpful with the interview preparation and medsci142 study. Well organized and resourceful, I would definitely recommend Justin the tutor to others.”
–¬†William Hung

” Initially, I had great doubts about my ability to succeed in the interviews; it was by far my weakest area. Through Justin‚Äôs tutoring, I was able to develop the confidence and skills to excel in the interviews and gain a place in the medical school. His tutoring not only helped with the interviews, but helped me learn valuable communication skills for everyday and professional life. “
–¬†Sally Park

JTT provided me with extremely helpful resources in terms of the interview guide; and videos. Furthermore, I would recommend all future biomed students to attend the test reviews at JTT as personally they helped to reflect on my understanding of concepts.
– Lynn Mascarenhas

JTT provides help and feedback and honest way that tells you they genuinely want you to succeed and improve. I felt supported and very well prepared for my interview and UMAT.
– Sarah Adeane

I would highly recommend the interview course, especially their early stream with the additional coaching. It has given me an invaluable insight into the MMI, and I have learnt steps that I otherwise wouldn’t have known. I am feeling so much more confident and couldn’t imagine going into my interview next week without having done this course! Just amazing!!
– Briana Price

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