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The multiple-mini-interview (MMI) counts for 25% of the year. Don’t let poor preparation stop you from expressing yourself.

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If you sign up to the early stream, you can attend the end of year late stream for free, HOWEVER seating will be prioritised for late stream attendees.
  • Basic information and approaches to the MMI
  • 10 hours of theory and content preparation
  • Step-by-step structures and answering frameworks, designed by professionals and evaluated against industry-leading research
  • Healthcare seminar by NZ doctors, covering the in-depth structure and workflow of the health system
  • Most common mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Strategies for role-playing using industry-standard techniques taught in medical school
  • Exclusive resources and access to our knowledge bank for content preparation
  • Videos of example answers and common mistakes
  • Practice milestones to ensure you stay on track
  • Comprehensive overview of all workshop content
  • Simple structures and strategies that we have seen produce high-impact results
  • Step-by-step breakdown of example walkthrough answers
  • Key strategies and frameworks for roleplay
  • Medico-ethical principles that you need to know for MMI
  • Question bank of 250+ questions, arranged by MMI station
  • Problem-busters section featuring dozens of common mistakes and symptoms, with targetted practice strategies and drill recommendations
  • Important sections from the knowledge bank, included in the guidebook to have at hand
  • Piloted interview preparation with 1-on-1 courses with a small cohort of 10 students.
  • Evaluated 2012 results and feedback.
  • Trialled a sub-cohort of 5 students with a new, simplified approach to interview based on learning certification training and review of research on the topic.
  • Continued previous, conventional style interview prep with 10 students.
  • Expanded to include up to 3-on-1 sessions.
  • Evaluated 2013 results and feedback
  • The simplified approach achieved at least equivalent results for approximately half the time.
  • Completely transitioned to the simplified approach based on a research review and evidence around the topic.
  • Ran interview preparation sessions for 15 students. Again, consistently required approximately half the time to reach an equivalent level of preparation as the conventional system.
  • Evaluated 2014 results and feedback refined and optimised simplified approach.
  • Ran free and donation workshops to a total of 90 students. Noticed a number of optimisations to the teaching approach that was possible.
  • Ran 2-on-1 and 3-on-1 sessions for 9 students.
  • Evaluated 2015 results and feedback. Overall very positive results from 2015.
  • Optimised workshop structure and approach considerably to simplify further.
  • Workshops separated into 3 separate days.
  • Piloted MMI Simulation successfully. Recorded feedback for improvement in 2017.
  • Evaluated 2016 results and feedback. A conventional structure of teaching in workshops was found to be a possible limitation and not reinforced by evidence. Moved to a part workshop, part private coaching model in an attempt to maximise learner outcomes.
  • JTT guidebook revised to 2nd edition.
  • Price increased by $49 due to a 400% increase in costs from changing interview preparation model.
  • Quota increased to mitigate expected financial losses.
  • Evaluated 2017 workshop and simulation results and feedback.
  • New trends noticed in increased variation in the level of student practice. Online learning modules added to optimise practising amounts.
  • Coaching in 2017 was very well received, so in 2018 the level of evaluation and training for coaches is increased.
  • Private coaching sessions to accommodate students who do not wish to attend the full course is made available.
  • Change in the training of MMI Interviewers is inferred and course padded with significantly increased knowledge bank and strategies for content preparation.
  • Workshop structure modified to be more linear, based on 2017 feedback.
  • JTT guidebook revised to 2018 edition, with the addition of 50 MMI questions to the bank.
  • Evaluated 2018 workshop and simulation results and feedback.
  • Changes made in 2018 were very well received.
  • Workshop layout and approach kept the same. Coaching made more easily accessible and less complicated to organise.
  • 40 new MMI questions added to the question bank.
  • Answering structure revised to be even more simplified based on a review of further research and feedback from students.
  • Online course content increased by 800% to accommodate the high demand for further resources in 2018. Information and resources prepared for up to extremely advanced levels of interview preparation.


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Ahmed Sherif

Amazing! JTT cut the fat and taught us the techniques in an easy to follow and succinct way. I would definitely recommend this workshop to anyone doing the MMI.

Ahmed Sherif - 2016 Early Stream, Medical Student 2017 - Read the Full Testimonial

Never once did I feel I wasn’t benefitting… unlike a lot of other tutoring companies JTT provides really reasonable prices but with an amazing quality of service!

Victoria Cai

…the workshop exceeded my every expectation by a million miles.

JTT interview prep classes were a must attend… they really breakdown the daunting MMI into manageable sections, with a focus on maintaining individuality…

I was blown away right off the bat. No fluff, straight to the point, very content-dense.

Anonymous, Read More

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The very first time Justin spoke and introduced about the interview workshop series at the $2 donation workshop, I knew that he knew what he was doing. His clear, direct and efficient $2 workshop made me attend it two times in a row without any hesitation. Throughout the two days of the $2 workshop, my faith and anticipation for the workshop series grew. Yet even when I was applying for it, I didn’t fully know the extent to which it would impact on not only preparing for my interview but also just to discover more about myself as a person…

The interview workshop was an incomparable opportunity to expand on the key interview concepts and practice on our weaknesses as well as improving our strengths. Almost everything Justin told us and from every activity we did, I could write down something new that I had learnt from it. The workshop involved activities and discussions that were challenging as we had to think about diverse health-related situations and perspectives in a wider and more critical way. During and even after the interview workshop I had and still am having the invaluable experience of pushing myself out of my comfort zone to discover my deeper self in a way that I otherwise may not have been able to. As much as it was challenging, it was enjoyable and incredibly helpful to also listen to others’ responses to interview practice questions because it was a chance to understand another valid perspective which challenged or sometimes even consolidated my personal views and reasons. More importantly, Justin’s advice and tips are still resonating as I practice as he has taught me to teach myself.

I have gained so much more than I ever expected, and I feel that all I am missing now is simply practicing more on the steps that have been taught and built there already.

If this series of workshops isn’t an efficient and amazing guide for the interview, I honestly don’t know what is!

Just go to the interview workshop. You’re not going to regret it. We all want to crush the interviews but our high expectations to perform well often means we wait until the last minute to practice. At the workshop you’ll be constantly pushed slightly out of your comfort zone so that you don’t plateau. After only a few hours you’ll be a different person. And it won’t be by memorising a bunch of complex answer schemes or useless dribble. No, next time your grandmother asks you why you want to be a health care professional or when a mugger corners you and asks you about your stance on euthanasia you’ll ace that question because you’ll be better at human interactions in general.
Justin was great at really putting our minds at ease about the daunting aspect of the MMI. His advice is always straight to the point, and his methods of approaching each section are efficient. I also found the hands on practice and feedback really useful, it really helped to build my confidence and prepare me for what the real thing will be like. I highly recommend these work shops, they give you a better understanding of where to direct your practice, and what the interviewer is really looking for.
Attending Justin’s MMI workshop series was a very worthwhile and beneficial experience for me. Not only does he offer a fresh approach to the interview with a variety of guidelines, but he really encourages a heightened sense of conscience of ones inner self. The workshop exercises provoke deeper understanding of ones psyche through exploring the experiences and underlying morals/values, which is extremely relevant when it comes to crafting an interview answer that is both genuine and a true reflection of who you are. It was definitely a confidence booster-with plenty of practising sessions to put the theory into action and at the end of the day it left me smiling because I know exactly where I my weaknesses lie and what I must do to improve. Thus Recommend.