[JTT has] offered me nothing but help and guidance from the very first workshop [they] held before first year started up until the mock MMI, never once did I feel I wasn’t benefitting from anything and unlike a lot of other tutoring companies [they] have chosen to provide really, really affordable and reasonable prices but with amazing quality of service! I loved that [they] were always so honest and straightforward and really cut down on content and got straight to the point rather than teaching us things that weren’t as important.

NoorNoor Aljawahiri, Medical Student 2017


JTT is 100% Social Enterprise. Our revenue funds the Foster Our Future low-decile high school mentoring program.

We aim to truly provide the best service on the market and holistically support our future colleagues. If you want to support this movement, consider our paid services here.



How the First 2 Weeks of Semester can Influence Your Entire Year

One of the biggest blunders made by pre-med students aiming for medical school is to take it easy in the first week or two. There are specific reasons why this can be a devastating mistake.

The Truth About Tutoring – Do You Need It?

An honest reflection of what tutoring is and what benefit it has. Not everyone needs tutoring, and the decision is not that hard to make!

Justin shares his insight from his years of working within the tutoring industry as a non-profit volunteer.

Getting into Medical School

Honest information from NZ's only non-profit medical entry specialists

Get the real deal

Misinformation and scaremongering are rampant when it comes to medical entry. Stay informed and settle your fears.

Download the PDF

How to Prepare for 1st Year

What to do in the holidays before Semester 1 starts.

Chances of Med School Entry with various GPA and Interview Scores

The “chances” represented by this table have been from independent observation of approximately 400 students since 2011 to 2017. It may not represent the true chances in reality and should only be used as a general guide.

How Good Are You at Studying?

Find out how well you study with this 10-question quiz

Evaluate your learning prowess

Most students have huge room for improvement when it comes to studying. See what the research says about you, using this quiz.

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Life After Test 1

A video for those feeling down, confused or stressed after some unexpected results from test 1. Addressing how to evaluate your study and make steps to improve by design.

From 4th Yr Med to Vet – Sylvia

An interview with Sylvia. A medical student who decided to switch to veterinary medicine instead.
We ask her what vet is like and why she changed.

The Path of Medicine – Doctors and Med Students

An interview with Tarry, Bo, Jack, and Johnson; doctors and medical students who describe their everyday lives, what they love the most, and what parts they think are the worst about medicine.


Germ Layers and Gastrulation

Lectures involved: Lecture 1

Table of contents:

  1. Germ Layers
  2. Gastrulation of Xenopus laevis

Download PDF: 107.2

Total Review of Embryology

This is a review of all big concepts in embryology.
It will be most useful as a review after studying key content to fit it all together.

Download Whiteboard PDF: Embryology Breakdown

Cells & Tissues (Full Video)

Lectures involved: Lecture 1

Table of contents:

  1. Germ Layers
  2. Gastrulation of Xenopus laevis
Mind-map and video tutorials for all lectures available for Paid Subscribers.


PPV, PAR, Sensitivity & Specificity


Cardiac Physiology and ECG’s

  1. ECG
  2. Full breakdown and concepts behind the heart pressures during the cycle
  3. Full breakdown and concepts of the Cardiac Cycle
  4. Full breakdown and concepts of the pressure-volume loop

Renal Physiology

Basic renal anatomy and the most difficult concepts of renal physiology. Highly recommended to try and recreate the processes from this video from scratch.

  • Gross anatomy: glomeruli and loop of Henle
  • Counter-current exchange, multiplication and urea cycling

Learn Better Series

Forget Less

Instantly improve retention with this bulletproof study schedule

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Download the full study schedule template, for free in the “Downloadable” toggle below.

Double Your Reading Speed

A very worthwhile investment before Semester starts, or even during the Semester when you have time.
It becomes invaluable to fly through UMAT.

Intro to the series

A short introduction to what this series is about.

Step 1. Conceptual Learning

An introduction to the most efficient way you can learn.

Step 2. Making Your Sytem

Form successful habits to automate your efficiency.

Note: Studies show that sticking to a single style of VARK does not offer any benefit – ie. we do not have single study methods that are inherently more effective for us. Rather, research suggests that using a combination of all forms is the most effective.

Step 3. Improving Your System

Easily evaluate and modify your system to ensure continued, constantly improving habits.


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