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Frequently Asked Questions

Our classes are $15/hr and standard weekly tutorials are two hours. We have a class for each core paper each week, totalling three classes in the first semester and one for MEDSCI 142 in the second semester.

All tutorials are held at our premise on 16 Anzac Avenue, Auckland CBD (7-min walk from University of Auckland city campus).

Sign-up emails are sent out every week. If you would like to be added to our mailing list, you can request the latest sign-up form and to be added by emailing [email protected] with your name, email address and phone number.

More information about our classes here.

The UltraSaver is a membership for our regular students. It is sold out for 2019.

Yes, we have a range of private tutors available to cater to your needs. You can book a session and find out more here.

Academic mentoring is a specialist service we run which specifically increases a students ability to study using evidence-based techniques and systems. Academic mentoring aims to make tutoring unnecessary by increasing a student’s own ability to perform and manage their studies, time and stress.

Learning to study efficiently is an incredibly complicated and subtle process and we are the only organisation in Australasia to provide this service to our level of depth. You can book your first consultation at a heavily discounted rate here.

Please read about our UCAT provision here.

JTT is owned and operated by Foster Our Future Limited in association with Foster Our Future Foundation.

Foster Our Future Foundation awards over $100,000 worth of mentoring and tutoring through scholarships every year for students in financial need. JTT’s scholarship stream, The 40, is also funded by Foster Our Future Foundation.

You can follow Foster Our Future on Facebook and Instagram.

Once you have purchased a video tutorial, you can access them through the services menu > video tutorials > [PAPER NUMBER]. You must be logged in to access these pages.

Please apply for scholarships using our form here. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of financial need and an application that shows a driven and hard-working character.

Scholarships are rejected if the application is poor, or if you do not meet our financial need criteria.

Scholarships will entitle students to weekly tutorials for the entire year + academic mentoring sessions in groups of total value over $7000, per student.

General Enquiries

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Specialist/Mentoring Enquiries

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Do you want to learn more about our mentoring offer?
Do you have a special situation that needs an individualised solution?

If so, book in a free consultation with Dr Justin Sung to see if we can design a plan for you. This is only for more driven students or those with unconventional circumstances.